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Here’s the Low Down

Picks Shop is a spirits and wine online retailer like no other (*toot *toot! yes that’s our horn we are blowing) brought to you by OakBottle. Utilizing the Picks App to leverage crowdsourced tasting notes, profiles, and scores places unprecedented power at your fingertips. Picks Shop’s aggregated scores represent real data that has been injected into our free community by enthusiasts like you who want to explore spirits and wines and track their tasting notes to curate selections that take the guesswork out of finding a bottle you’ll enjoy.

C’mon, tell us how you do that

How does it work? As a spirits and/or wine enthusiast, you understand that everything has its own unique DNA comprised of color, aroma, texture, and flavor. With the input from Picks App users and through the law of large numbers we craft specific profiles for each sensory component in our offerings. This bleeding-edge technology can calculate on the exact experience you’re looking for and guide you to products you’ll love.

The Mission (if you choose to accept it)

We are relentlessly focused on our mission to be the first crowdsourced tasting and review resource for spirits and wine enthusiasts out there.

With the Picks Shop you’ll easily identify the tasting notes for each bottle based on data analytics from real Picks App users when you click and see the additional information on any bottle. The aggregated data allows for ultra-tailored recommendations that meet your exact standards. Not only this, but since our website’s marketplace is connected directly to our app’s data, you can for the first time narrow down our assortment by taste note level and you can view the actual combined “like” counts coming directly from the combined tasting reviews of our app community!

The matching algorithm of our tech leverages these analytics to take the guesswork out of your next purchase—with Picks App the more tastings you input the more specific your curated picks will be. We’re not choosing the bottles for you, you’re choosing them yourself by fueling the powerful recommendation engine behind the Picks App.

Alright, give us the best part

The best part? This is all free. Open source taste profile data is a resource that is available both within the Picks App and on our website. We encourage you to explore our “Dive Down” page to take the most advantage of this. Join the Picks App community today to join fellow spirits tasters and reviewers in building the most powerful network of wine and spirits profiles in the world; for the people, by the people. Free of charge.