July 7th, 2020 •  2 min read

Experience 10th Mountain Distillery

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company hails from a long line of historical happenings. With their doors opening first in 2014, but seeking to represent heritage from as far back as the 1940’s – 10th Mountain has a whole lot of ground to cover. Their founder, Ryan Thompson was tenacious, prepared, and most importantly: up to the task.

Influenced and encouraged by the bonds formed between 10th Mountain soldiers in the 1940’s, this tribute spirits company seeks to also encourage people to embrace all the best parts of the mountain lifestyle.

The 10th Mountain Distillery and Tasting Room are both nestled in the Vail valley in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a famously well traveled ski destination that draws people from all over the world.

Boasting a pretty comprehensive portfolio, it’s clear that 10th Mountain has been busy since their opening. They are known for producing Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Moonshine, a Potato Vodka and pretty unique Cordial with flavors of Sage, Peach and Vanilla.

10th Mountain’s Bourbon is particularly interesting – featuring a 75% corn mashbill, and a recent feature in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible – scoring 92 points. Matured in a blend of barrel sizes, and bottled at a healthy 92 proof, this expression has notes of vanilla, black pepper, honey and cloves and works well neat, or as the backbone of a (barrel aged Manhattan).

Contrasting the sweet honey of the 10th Mountain Bourbon, a Rye Whiskey stands beside it to complement with a bolder and spicier profile. Produced using a 75% Rye mashbill, the 10th Mountain rye is similarly awarded in competitions across the country. This includes a crowning of 94 points by Jim Murray, and features notes of butterscotch, almond, black pepper, and nutmeg.

Completing the trifecta from 10th Whiskey is an unaged whiskey product – 10th Mountain’s own Colorado Clear Mountain Moonshine, distilled entirely from corn, as is tradition. Bottled at an approachable 40% ABV, this Shine is a natural fit for any drink – in your glass or in a summer cocktail. Colorado Clear brings notes of apricot, cream, black pepper, and elderflower and demonstrates what Rocky Mountain snowmelt water and air can add to a Moonshine.

It’s obvious that mountain life is an enviable life to live. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, off roading or simply taking a picnic, when it’s time to pack up for the day, 10th Mountain whiskeys are there to kick back with you.

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