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Never pick a spirit or wine that you’ll regret ever again.

We pick spirits and wines for you based on your exact taste profile. The more tasting reviews you do, the more accurate our picks for you become.

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Examine the crowd taste profile of any spirit, wine, or user.

Enter the name of any spirit, wine or Picks App user to dive down into the details of the taste profiles developed automatically from the crowd’s aggregated tasting reviews of the Picks App community.

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Compare yourself against any bottle to know if you're a match.

See how compatible or similar any two spirits, wines, or Picks App users taste profiles are and see their match % instantly. Use this tool at a restaurant when deciding what to drink, or at a store, making your next bottle purchase an easy win. Or use it to see how similar you are to your tasting buddy.

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Filter our shop by your favorite flavors to find a bottle you'll love.

Leveraging crowdsourced aggregated tasting data from Picks App users places unprecedented power at your fingertips. Now you can filter our shop down to specific taste notes or attributes you are looking for in your next bottle. Taking the guesswork out of finding a bottle you’ll enjoy.

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See our top picks for you, based on your reviews and the community.

See bottles that match your exact taste profile instantly. Matches get more accurate as our app learns your taste profile with the more tasting reviews you do. Don’t have the app yet? That’s okay, just enter any spirit or wine you love, and see similar bottles based on its crowdsourced taste profile.

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How It Works

1. Download

Download the Picks App on the Apple App Store (Not yet available for Android).

2. Taste Stuff

Perform a tasting review of any spirit or wine you have at home or bottle you already bought from us.

3. Get Picks

Start automatically receiving free picks from us that match your exact taste profile. The more you taste the more accurate our picks for you become.

4. Ship to Your Door

Add your picks to your cart and ship them direct to your door.


Discover and keep track of your favorite spirits and wines by contributing tasting reviews to our community. The Picks App has powerful analytics working in the background to generate matches of new bottles for you to try based on your exact taste profile. Our algorithms curate for you personalized recommendations by analyzing your favorite tastes and dislikes. The more tasting reviews you do, the more accurate our picks for you become!