July 7th, 2020 •  3 min read

Kicking Off A Bulletproof Infinity Bottle: Part Two

Alright, so either you’re bad at reading directions (do you start dinner with dessert, too??) or you’ve read through Kicking Off A Bulletproof Infinity Bottle: Part One and you’re ready for Part Two!

Previously, we chatted about some tips to land yourself a stellar infinity bottle. You should have a simple, yet effective, base set up for a tasty infinity bottle, made from an old empty bottle. Glass is great, and common in some varietals of spirits, but for whiskey, a marrying cask is very common.

A marrying cask is the process of taking your infinity blend, and giving it anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of months, resting in a new oak vessel. By new, we don’t mean freshly charred – just a different oak vessel. It can be new charred oak (rare), a reused ex-bourbon barrel (common) or even something really experimental, like a wine cask or rum cask (rare).

Here, naturally, we’ll use the Oak Bottle. Thankfully, due to the rapid nature at which additional barrel maturation happens with the Oak Bottle, your marrying period doesn’t have to take very long. That means minimal waiting between your blending operation and the best part – watching it pour into your glass for a well deserved drink.

Marrying your blend in something like a barrel, rather than glass, helps the constituent components really meld with one and other, while also picking up some additional oak age. This is an aid to give it a strong backbone, while really showing off the best parts of each of your blend components. We recommend letting your blend marry for 24 hours before diving in, if you can wait that long. 

What blends have you done so far? Which has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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