July 7th, 2020 •  2 min read

Our Debrief on Hotel Tango Distillery

Established in 2013, Hotel Tango Distillery, the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the U.S. Hotel Tango focuses on crafting exceptional spirits that reflect our company’s founder Travis’s time in the military. Spirits that are fit to serve – and made to share.

The name Hotel Tango reflects the military roots of our company’s founder, Travis Barnes. Returning home to Indiana after serving three combat tours as a Recon Marine, Travis thought of a special way to incorporate his and his wife’s name in their new business. In the military phonetic alphabet, H (for Hilary) translates to Hotel, T (for Travis) translates to Tango. Hotel Tango’s portfolio has grown time, and time again, to encompass Bourbons, Ryes, Vodkas, Gins, Rums and a variety of Liqueurs and Aperitifs. Each sporting modern, military MRE style labeling, Hotel Tango’s portfolio demands attention.

Distilled with discipline, Tango’s American Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for at least two years and comes ready to whip up in a cocktail and drink. Most notably known for its service in a Boulevardier, their Bourbon presents strong caramel notes, perfect to balance the bitters and fruits of a Boulevardier.

Moving on, both in mash bill and strength, Hotel Tango’s Rye is impossible to ignore. Punching in with a spicy finish and an ABV of 50%, this Sazerac ready rye is dangerously drinkable, and ready to tango.

Finally, and perhaps the most adventurous, is Tango’s Wild Fermented Rum. Fermented using wild yeast, this funky, grassy rum brings some dry character to any cocktail. Notably suggested for use in a Mai Tai garnished with mint, you can expect a wild ride from this 45% ABV white rum.

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