What are TOP 3 PICKS?

We analyze your favorite tasting notes from the Picks App to help you find your perfect bottle. We’ve generated your top matching bottles based on your specific taste profile derived from real tastings you have done in the app. As you continue to add tasting reviews, we’ll get better and better at making recommendations for you. Check back here often for your latest top matching bottles.


What are MATCHES?

We analyze your tasting reviews to determine your unique detailed taste profile, and then we compare you to the crowdsourced taste profiles of bottles from the community. Our algorithms calculate how much you and the bottles in our shop match, making shopping for a bottle you are bound to love a breeze! As you do more tastings in the app and your tastes evolve, so will your match scores! Check back often as your tastes evolve.


Conduct tastings in the Picks App to generate matches!

Want to see your Matches! Get started by downloading our app, grab any bottle you have at home and log some tastings. We’ll begin building a taste profile for you and you’ll start getting matched! Already have the app? Click “JOIN / LOGIN” in the menu using your app account email to get your matches.


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Feb 09, 2022 •  5 min read New features alert! 🚨 Picks has changed the way people review spirits and wine, and we’ve just made it even better with these two new features. Photo Enabled Tasting Reviews With the ability to add images to a review, you can now share not only your tasting notes and scores with your followers, now you can let the community know what you think with a picture! Additionally, your images are added to the search results for that bottle in an upcoming app update. Tasting images with the most community likes will take the desired top position on bottle search results. Snap a picture of that special bottle of whiskey, or anything else from your screen to use it along side your tasting notes. Perhaps a pic from that distillery tour, or maybe that barrel room tasting experience! Barcode Scanning We’ve made it even

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Oct 14, 2021 •  5 min read An update from our Founder 🙌 Bye-bye Beta, Hello Picks App & Marketplace Oh hey! It’s Joel P, founder at Oak Bottle. It’s been a minute since we last reached out to update you all on how the Oak Bottle App beta has been going. Well, we have some BIG THINGS to share with you and I thought I would reach out directly to update you before anyone else. Every day for the past 2 years, I’ve woken up early and gone to sleep late working on building my vision for a truly inclusive, unbiased and collective spirits and wine community. A community that together, would be wiser than it is individually. On the first of January 2020, 14 days prior to news of an emerging healthcare crises that would quickly reshape our World, we put out there our first prototype of our

July 7th, 2020 •  2 min read Our Debrief on Hotel Tango Distillery Established in 2013, Hotel Tango Distillery, the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the U.S. Hotel Tango focuses on crafting exceptional spirits that reflect our company’s founder Travis’s time in the military. Spirits that are fit to serve – and made to share. The name Hotel Tango reflects the military roots of our company’s founder, Travis Barnes. Returning home to Indiana after serving three combat tours as a Recon Marine, Travis thought of a special way to incorporate his and his wife’s name in their new business. In the military phonetic alphabet, H (for Hilary) translates to Hotel, T (for Travis) translates to Tango. Hotel Tango’s portfolio has grown time, and time again, to encompass Bourbons, Ryes, Vodkas, Gins, Rums and a variety of Liqueurs and Aperitifs. Each sporting modern, military MRE style labeling, Hotel Tango’s portfolio demands

July 7th, 2020 •  2 min read Experience 10th Mountain Distillery 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company hails from a long line of historical happenings. With their doors opening first in 2014, but seeking to represent heritage from as far back as the 1940’s – 10th Mountain has a whole lot of ground to cover. Their founder, Ryan Thompson was tenacious, prepared, and most importantly: up to the task. Influenced and encouraged by the bonds formed between 10th Mountain soldiers in the 1940’s, this tribute spirits company seeks to also encourage people to embrace all the best parts of the mountain lifestyle. The 10th Mountain Distillery and Tasting Room are both nestled in the Vail valley in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a famously well traveled ski destination that draws people from all over the world. Boasting a pretty comprehensive portfolio, it’s clear that 10th Mountain has been busy since

July 7th, 2020 •  3 min read Kicking Off A Bulletproof Infinity Bottle: Part Two Alright, so either you’re bad at reading directions (do you start dinner with dessert, too??) or you’ve read through Kicking Off A Bulletproof Infinity Bottle: Part One and you’re ready for Part Two! Previously, we chatted about some tips to land yourself a stellar infinity bottle. You should have a simple, yet effective, base set up for a tasty infinity bottle, made from an old empty bottle. Glass is great, and common in some varietals of spirits, but for whiskey, a marrying cask is very common. A marrying cask is the process of taking your infinity blend, and giving it anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of months, resting in a new oak vessel. By new, we don’t mean freshly charred – just a different oak vessel. It can be new charred oak (rare),