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1792 Single Barrel

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In order to craft this bold, limited-run bourbon, the finest barrels are selected from the best aging warehouses and then bottled individually, one by one. This allows the distinct character of each barrel to shine.

Crowd Taste Notes:
Aromas of oak, banana, raisin, and pear. On the palate is walnut, vanilla, nuts, and butter. It has young oak intensity, a oily mouthfeel with warm sensations and a medium finish.

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Additional information


Banana, Oak, Pear, Raisin

Savory Tastes

Butter, Licorice, Nutty, Walnut



Sweet Tastes

Apple, Raisin, Sugarcane, Vanilla

Alcohol Type



Spicy Tastes

Cloves, Nutmeg, Peppers, Rye

Sour Tastes


Smokey Tastes

Earthy, Leather



Salty Tastes

Table Salt

Average Mouthfeel Category

Oak Intensity

Young Oak


Oily, Syrupy, Thin, Velvety

Finish Length




Avg Score


Bitter Tastes

Orange Blossom, Straw

Barrel Tastes

Bitter Oak

Average Palate Category



Barrel Finish Score






Inside you’ll find everything you need to put your taste buds to the test and learn more about your palate.

Three 50ml sample vials

That’s two pours each vial, enough for two people to enjoy together. Vials are unmarked so you can analyze its taste profile blind without influence or bias.

Conduct blind tastings

A sample tasting box powered by technology and enabled by community. Scan the QR code on each vial, taste review and rate the sample in the Picks App and we’ll reveal what it was that you tasted.

Test your palate against what the crowd thinks

Inside the envelope in each pack are cards for each sample vial with taste profile data crowdsourced from the latest Picks App communities’ tastings for that bottle.

Works with the Picks App

A sample tasting box powered by technology and enabled by community; Picks Packs are designed to work with the Picks App. Watch this video to see how the process works.

Learn about your taste profile

Picks Packs are a fun and easy way to build and learn about your unique taste profile. After taste reviewing and rating samples you get in the packs, you’ll unlock matches of bottles that you are bound to love. The more tastings you do in the Picks App, the more accurate our picks for you become.